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SHEELER SINDIE - 98382 09:00 am - 04:00 pm 09:00 am - 04:00 pm 09:00 am - 04:00 pm 09:00 am - 04:00 pm 09:00 am - 04:00 pm
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How soon can I make an appointment with Dr.SINDIE SHEELER?

Ans.Generally, Dr. SINDIE SHEELER has appointments available on 18dentalfix.com within 1 week. You can see Dr. SHEELER's earliest availability on 18dentalfix.com and make an appointment online.

Q.Is Dr. SINDIE SHEELER accepting new patients?

Ans.Dr. SINDIE SHEELER generally accepts new patients on 18dentalfix.com. You can see Dr. SHEELER's earliest availability on 18dentalfix.comand schedule an appointment online.

Q.Does Dr. SINDIE SHEELER accept my insurance?

Ans.Choose your insurance plan to verify if Dr. SHEELER is in-network.

Q.Can I make an appointment with Dr. SINDIE SHEELER online?

Ans.Yes, you can make an appointment online with Dr. SHEELER using 18dentalfix.com. It’s simple, secure, and free.

Q.What practice does Dr. SINDIE SHEELER work with?


Q.Where is Dr. SINDIE SHEELER’s office located?

Ans.Dr. SINDIE SHEELER's office is located at 175 W Cedar St, SEQUIM, WA, 98382.

Q.What are common reasons for patients to see Dr. SINDIE SHEELER?

Ans.Dr. SINDIE SHEELER frequently sees patients for Dental Cleaning, Dental Consultation, Dental Emergency, Dental Preventive Care, and Filling. You can see other visit reasons for Dr. SINDIE SHEELER on their profile.

Q.What languages does Dr. SINDIE SHEELER speak?

Ans.Dr.SINDIE SHEELER speaks English. At this SHEELER SINDIE English are spoken.

Q.How do patients rate Dr. SINDIE SHEELER in reviews?

Ans.0 patients have reviewed Dr. SINDIE SHEELER. The overall rating for this doctor is 0.0/5. They have a 0.0/5 rating for staff and a 0.0/5 rating for wait time. Practice is rated as 0.0/5. You can read individual reviews and ratings on their profile.

Q.Are fixed payment plans for specific treatments available with this Denitst?


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175 W Cedar St,SEQUIM, WA, 98382